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I offer comprehensive speech translation and interpretation services. Contact Amina Saif Conference Interpreter now.

Amina Saif

An established translator and interpreter with over 19 years of work experience
I am a fully qualified, talented linguist offering quality translation services. I can help you reach a larger audience by translating the language of your speech with exceptional proficiency. Whether you need simultaneous or consecutive interpretation or translation services, you can count on me. I interpret for Aljazeera Television, The BBC and CNN as an Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi conference interpreter.
I have also interpreted for Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi and the Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Imran Khan.
I have extensive experience offering transcriptions for the National Crime Agency, and I’m fully equipped to offer voice-overs and proofreading services too. Speak with me today for more information.
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I offer high-quality, accurate consecutive and simultaneous face-to-face interpreting services. I offer my services in any public arena, including courts, international media halls and conferences.

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In July 2019, I interpreted for an act in Britain’s Got Talent the Champions and I was on the Television in front of the judges. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience to interpret on TV. 

Award Winning Interpreter

Got awarded with a Gold Medal by Prince Michael (the Queen’s cousin), for the best candidate in the United Kingdom for the Interpreting Exam.